Reverse Diabetes: How To Stop Diabetes Without Drugs (English Edition)

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Lançamento: 02/06/2022
Autor: Ben Dawson
Encadernação: eBook Kindle
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Reverse Diabetes

How To Stop Diabetes Without Drugs

Are you tired of all those fake commercials that are in regards to the “popular” disease of diabetes? Are you exhausted with attempting to get the answers to the mountains of questions you have about your ailment? Whether you have been recently diagnosed with diabetes of having lived with it for years, the contents of this book are a great start if you are desperate for proper information to fulfill your piles of inquiries that your doctor would rather shove a pill down your throat than answer with accuracy.

The ironic thing about diabetes is the fact that it is becoming more rapidly diagnosed, yet, so much of the population has no idea the many other methods one can use to properly manage their disease without the use of all those problematic medications that may be doing more harm than good. It’s 2017, and many people have only managed to acquire the knowledge of their disease from what was known about it a decade or more ago. It is time to become educated and become privy of the new and improved ways that science has proven to help anyone maintain their diabetes.

The contents of this book include: 

  • All the pertinent facts that one needs to know about diabetes
  • What your doctor and the pharmacies are not willing to tell you about your disease
  • New developments that have popped up over the past few years that could help you out 
  • Natural and alternative ways to treat diabetes 
  • How to be a great diabetic without emptying out the contents of your bank account 
  • Methods to becoming a better diabetic and healthier version of yourself that you can begin to incorporate into your life starting today! 

If you have Prediabetes, Diabetes Type 2, Diabetes Type 1, or love someone with diabetes ... This book is for you.

It is time to absorb the new and improved facts about diabetes and eradicate all the things you thought you knew to be true. Aren’t you ready to start feeling physically better about your life as a diabetic? Or is someone that is close to you in your life struggling with the fight to manage their diabetes properly? While diabetes is not an easy disease to live with, the contents of this book are a great way to begin walking the right path so that you can live your life without your ailment always weighing you and your daily activities down. It is time to live prosperously with diabetes. It is time that you knew the truth and had the information necessary to conquer all those daunting thoughts about diabetes. 


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