True Treasure: Real - Life History Mystery (English Edition)

Lisa Grace Books

Informações sobre o Livro

Lançamento: 29/04/2022
Autor: Lisa Grace
Encadernação: eBook Kindle
Edition: 1
Format: eBook Kindle
Real-Life Pirates, Undiscovered Treasure, Romance, and Danger

True Treasure is the second book in Lisa Grace’s thrilling Real - Life History Mystery Series. The 15th Star is her first.
In 1817:
Captain Bennett Graham of the HMS Devonshire is falsely accused of piracy while surveying the islands and coastline of Costa Rica. Mary Welch, the young daughter of a coffee plantation owner, finds herself drawn to the magnetic handsome ship’s captain. Through a happenstance of unfortunate events, Bennett Graham begins life as the pirate Bloody Graham. Mary and Bennett fight for their lives and discover the only True Treasure, is the one anchored to their hearts.

In the present:
Keiko Zorben an intern at the Smithsonian Institute, archives a child’s scrapbook from the late 1800s. Inside, she finds a treasure map. Realizing that the map is older than the book, and not drawn by a child, Keiko and Dr. Julian Lone Wolf travel to the exotic islands off Costa Rica to hunt for the Devonshire Treasure. However, modern day pirates discover Keiko and Lone Wolf have the key to the tons of gold they’ve been searching for and will gladly murder to gain the treasure.

From the missing star of the Star Spangled Banner and the War of 1812 in The 15th Star, to the pirates roaming the shipping lanes pillaging goods, gold, and silver in True Treasure, Lisa Grace explores a turbulent yet enthralling time in history, the early 1800s, in her real-life history mystery novels.

Enjoy as a stand-alone or as part of Keiko and Julian’s continuing romance.

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